Create a large team if you are the team coordinator for an organisation - corporate, school and charity

Team entries close on Saturday 6 November 2021.


  • Please make sure that you have paid by this date. The team coordinator (or a nominated person), will have to collect all of the team numbers together if postage has not been selected. Large team numbers cannot be collected individually (unless they are an external entry). Your numbers can be collected from the City-Bay office, from 29th to 6th November. Please email with your requested pickup time and date, with at least two business days notice for collating.
  • The City-Bay Fun Run has become an Adelaide icon, over 25,000 people participated in its last running.
  • Online fundraising surpassed $350,000 last time – that’s not to mention all the monies collected by traditional methods. Well done South Australia! How much can we raise in 2021?
  • Many organisations are getting involved to support a cause, has someone in your organisation recently been touched by a sad event? Why not challenge your colleagues to raise $500 for a charity; even create an inter-dept challenge.
  • Fundraising online is really easy. If you don’t want to spend the time creating one yourself, Everydayhero can create one for you, just ask them – you can then simply pass the link around to family, friends, suppliers or supporters. More details about Everydayhero and fundraising can be found on our home page.
  • Getting involved is a feel good experience, it’s good for your health, and it’s a lot of fun.

Of course, some participants take the fun run/walk very seriously but many others do not. This event allows people to get dressed up or advertise the organisation with colourful shirts, etc. Your organisation may pay for team entries, others contribute half but even if you have to pay for your own you’d be crazy to miss it.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Student Teams

Students can take up the challenge to achieve a personal best time or just complete the 12km, 6km or 3km course - you can walk or run. Team members do not need to do all the same distance.

One teacher/supervisor entry per 10 child entries is provided free of charge.

A school group can include family and friends.

The free supervisors discounts must be claimed by the school by simply calling our office after all your entries have been keyed to the online system but prior to making payment.

If you are unsure about anything please look at our FAQ PAGE or ring us on 08 8352 2011.

Book a Village site on Wigley Reserve to enable your team to meet and recover at the end of the race. Click here for more information on Village sites.

Make sure you contact our office to get directions on where school buses can drop off and pick up your team members.

Need to register a large team?

Are you a team coordinator responsible for entering the details of participants in your team, such as a workplace, school or charity? Complete your participants’ details into the spreadsheet below to make your job easier.

Please follow the steps below:

  1. LOG IN – Log-in or sign-up to the City-Bay Fun Run at
  2. CREATE A TEAM – Click ‘LARGE TEAM REGISTRATION’, fill in the details and click ‘CREATE TEAM’
  3. DOWNLOAD – Download the ‘Guide to Team Upload’ and download the CSV spreadsheet below and fill in your participants’ details
  4. UPLOAD – Once your team is approved, Log-in, and click ‘Manage Members & Payments’ on your Teams Active Registration. Upload your completed CSV spreadsheet
  5. PAYMENT – Email to organise payment and/or invoicing
  6. FINALISE – Once you receive an email confirming payment, log-in to your account at and complete the payment process to finalise your registrations

Team Entries close on November 6th 12:00 pm. So, on the race day, you will not be able to create or add participants into a large team. Please contact us if you have any queries or need help at or 08 8352 2011

PUBLIC STATEMENT: 14 October 2021

Lumary City-Bay Fun Run will not go ahead in 2021


It is with great disappointment that the Lumary City-Bay confirms it will not proceed in 2021.

Lumary City-Bay, which is run by a volunteer Management Committee, has been working on delivering a Covid-safe City-Bay for many months now.

On review, the invitation by SA Health to the City-Bay on 8 October 2021 to revise and resubmit an updated COVID Management Plan for reassessment, was made with reference to guidelines which had already considered, including removing the post-run activities.

City-Bay’s volunteer Management Committee could not see any further changes it could make to running its event on November 7 that would change the reasons SA Health COVID Management Committee sighted for declining the 2021 City-Bay approval. These were:

  • High risk of transmission from increased exhalation during the event
  • Uncontrolled outbreaks in neighbouring eastern states
  • Significant impact on the State’s resources – testing capacity, contact tracing, hospital beds etc in case of an outbreak

Furthermore, even if approval was received within the week, the very tight timelines mean it would be impossible to reinstate some operational aspects of the event and successfully deliver the Lumary City-Bay in 2021.

The Lumary City-Bay Team, sponsors and charities remain extremely disappointed, but the decision has now fired all of us up for a bigger and stronger event in 2022. We hope it has fired you up as well and we look forward to your ongoing support in 2022.

We confirm entrants are offered a choice to carry-over their entry to the 2022 Lumary City-Bay (that option would be our preferred), donate to the City-Bay Trust or request a full refund.
We appreciate and thank the Community of South Australia for their continuing support.