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Set up time frames: please note NO vehicles are allowed to remain on site during the event, including catering vans!

  • Saturday September 14th – Vehicles are only allowed on the reserve between 1.00pm and 3.00pm.
  • Sunday September 15th – Vehicles are only allowed on the reserve between 5.30am and 6.15am for set up. For pack up from approximately 1:00pm – 2:30pm or when deemed safe by event manager.
  • A Marshall will be located at the entrance to the Reserves to monitor entry and exit of vehicles.
  • If erecting your own tent, you are only allowed to set up on Sunday morning due to security and risk management risks. Please be aware of the line marking of water mains/etc. before you peg your tent.
  • No other commercial hirer can erect or supply items for any expo sites for this event.
  • No products or services are allowed to set up and operate unless it is an authorised as an official operation of the City-Bay Fun Run.
  • The supply of food, barbecue/drinks for your own participants from your marquee is acceptable – but selling of any sort to the public or participants is not permitted. Please read the outdoor food handling brochure.
  • Partner banners must be displayed inside your marquee only. Please do not put banners up outside of your marquee. Any merchandise you are giving away to team members only must be from inside your tent. Flags can be erected to indicate to your team members where you are located, adjacent to your marquee.
  • Promotional brochures and flyers are not permitted and must not be handed out – This is a Council by-law.
  • Clean up and bump out from 1:00pm onwards or when deemed appropriate by Event Manager.
  • You are responsible for your rubbish and leftovers. Please ensure that your site is clean and tidy and that all rubbish is deposited in the bins. 1 garbage bag will be left at your tent.
  • All reserves in Glenelg are dry zones, so the consumption of alcohol is not allowed.
  • Parking is limited in and around Glenelg. Don’t forget the free bus for participants leaving from Wigley Reserve; as long as you have your race number, for trams you need your coupon from the paper.
  • Private Bus Parking: A bus drop off and pick up has been arranged on Adelphi Terrace at the Wigley Reserve carpark. This area will be controlled by CFS.
  • School Bus Pick up: Along Adelphi Terrace.

Please read the following carefully before registering:

All marquees will be set up by Olympic Event and Party Hire by Saturday PM. If you wish to deliver larger items, you may do so at your own risk. Security guards will be on duty from Saturday 6.00pm to Sunday 6.00am. Maps/Marquee locations have changes this year to cater for growing numbers.

Vilis will be catering for all of our village site holders

Would like to announce that Vilis will be catering for all of our village site holders. Check out the platters available on offer. Sandwiches – Wraps and Baguettes – fruit Platters  – Bakery sweets – Antipasto. Please note – hot food (of course) will not be available. Please fill out the form online with Vilis direct. All product will be delivered to the event early morning and can be collected from the VIP tent.

Mount Lofty

We’d like to announce that Mount Lofty will kindly be supplying water for all our village site partners. Please download the form here to submit your pre-order.


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