Can I register in person (rather than online)?

Yes, you can register in person and collect your race number bib at the the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo which will be held in [venue and dates to be advised]. For more details, please visit

Can I get a refund if I can no longer do the event?

We don’t offer refunds, however, you can transfer your number if you know of anybody else who would like to take part.

How do I get my Westpac City-Bay Fun Run Presented by Sunday Mail 2020 race number bib?

If you register and pay on or before 9 October you will have the option to select Express Postage (for a fee of $10) or you can choose to pick up your race number bib from the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo which will be held in [venue  and dates to be advised]. For more details, please visit

If you register after 9 October, you must collect your race pack from the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo.

Please note, if you opted for your numbers to be delivered by Express Post, the race number bibs will be posted the week commencing 12 October – after the Express Postage option has closed.

Can I run if I am registered as a walker?

No, you cannot run if you are registered as a walker. If you want to run and walk the course, then please register as a runner,

How can I change event/distance?

You can also change your event at the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo in [venue to be advised] when you are collecting your race number bib.

Can somebody collect my race number bib from the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo on my behalf?

Yes, if you cannot make it to the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo, then you can have somebody collect your race number bib on your behalf. Make sure they have a copy of the race number that has been assigned to you upon registration. Please bring the email with the race number and name of the participant and bring it to the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo.

Do I pay for my children?

All children, except those in a pram, who walk or run in the event, must be officially entered (and appropriate fee paid). Please note that all child entry fees are less than half price. Children in prams can accompany walking adults without completing an entry form or incurring an entry fee; they are not officially entered in the event, and will not receive a race number or a time.

Please remember running with a pram is not allowed but walking is ok.

Children are not allowed to ride bikes or scooters, wear skates, etc.

Do carers have to pay?

Upon registration you will be able to select the ‘carer’ option. There will be a $5 admin fee applied.

Your number will only be issued upon receiving proof of identification, such as a companion card or an official letter from your affiliated disability organisation. You can do this at the City-Bay Fitness & Leisure Expo or scan a copy to If you select ‘postage’ you will be unable to proceed to the payment screen until this has been completed.

If you have any questions or queries about accessibility for people with disabilities, please don’t hesitate to contact our office who will be most happy to assist.

What if I want to get dressed up?

There are prizes for ‘best fun dressed-up individuals and groups’. Parade and presentation are at the Colley Reserve stage at 11.30am.

If you or your group will be incorporating additional objects in your ‘theme’ such as wheel barrows, beds, etc please click here for the additional objects policy.

Do team members all have to do the same event?

As a team, your members don’t need to participate in the same event category. Members will be considered part of your team regardless of whether some walk or run, do the half-marathon, 12k, 6k or 3k.

Can our team bring/wear promotional items?

Yes, as long as; Groups do not promote their sponsors in conflict with any Westpac City-Bay Fun Run Presented by Sunday Mail sponsors. Eg: you can wear a T-Shirt with your sponsor’s name on it but you cannot hold up placards, signs or any other form of promotion during our event.

Promotion in brochures, posters, through the media or any other form of promotion must be submitted for approval to the Event Manager before it is released to the public or supporters.

There can be no sales of products, food or beverages during the event.

Why do I have to give my date of birth?

Certificate of Merits are awarded to age group winners, you may think it unlikely that you may win one but you never know. It is also important for statistics – you will be classified as a 99yr old if you do not supply your birth date.

I am a wheelchair participant, can I bring along a carer for assistance?

Each wheelchair participant can bring a carer for a $5 entry fee (carer numbers are not timed); please refer to the above carer question for details.

Can I bring my pet to the race?

Only guide/assistant dogs are allowed.

Where do I attach my race number bib?

Please attach to your front using safety pins so that it is visible throughout the race.