​There's nothing as simple as walking - so why not walk the City-Bay Fun Run.

Walking is the safest most natural exercise for the body at any age and is a terrific all-round work out for virtually every muscle in the body during a brisk walk.

When starting out the aim for beginners should be to complete 3 sessions of 30 minutes brisk walking, ideally you will have rest days between your walking days, but remember – don’t do too much too soon!

In the weeks leading to the event these tips will enable all the family to enjoy their walk in the shortest possible time.

Training Guide

Week 1

Three sessions of 30 minutes brisk walking on alternating days to allow recovery.

Week 2

Try a brisk 45 minute walk on Sunday, or whenever it suits, as well as 2 x 30 minute walks during the week.

Week 3

A 45 minute walk on the weekend, keep up a good pace, and 3 x 30 minute walks on alternating days during the week.

Week 4

Increase your weekend walk to 1 hour and continue with the 3 x 30 minute efforts during the week.

Week 5

Continue with the brisk 1 hour walk on the weekend add another 30 minute walk, making it now 4 x 30 minute walks during the week, the distance covered on these walks should be increasing without much trouble.

Week 6

Maintain the volume of work as in week 5, an hour on the weekend and 4 x 30 minute efforts on week days.

Week 7

This weekend walk for 70 minutes and increase the 4 mid-week walks to 35 minutes each. You should be really feeling the benefits of your walking program now and should be able to handle the increase without much trouble.

Week 8

80 minutes walking this weekend, work on maintaining a good pace during this walk, and 4 x 35 minute walks during the week.

Week 9

Another 80 minute walk this weekend, however increase your four walks during the week to 40 minutes each. Keep up the GOOD WORK.

Week 10

Increase the long walk this week to 90 minutes and maintain the 4 x 40 walks mid week.

Week 11

A 90 minute long walk this weekendd and again 4 x 40 minute walks through the week.

Week 12

Only a week to go, get out there and boost your confidence with a strong 90 minute effort this weekend but ease back a bit during the week, just 3 brisk 30 minute walks.