New 7 week Training program for the City-Bay Fun Run.

One of the most crucial things in being successful at distance running is to run the race evenly. To get the very best result, each kilometre should be run at the same pace or close to it.

Beginner runners could perhaps aim for either a 60 minute race or say a 72 minute race. To establish your race pace per km you divide the number of minutes you hope to run the race in by 12. So as an example, 60 minutes divided by 12 = 5 minutes. This is 300 seconds. Next divide this by 10 and you establish your race pace is 30 seconds per 100 metres.

You need to practice your race religiously. If you live in a quiet street you may be able to measure out a 100 metre distance there. If not a trotting track, athletic track, football oval or parklands will be ok.

Each kilometre is accurately signposted so you will find it easy to keep a check on your race pace.

If you adopt a training program such as this and stick to the race pace plan you are likely to run the best race you are capable of.

PUBLIC STATEMENT: 14 October 2021

Lumary City-Bay Fun Run will not go ahead in 2021


It is with great disappointment that the Lumary City-Bay confirms it will not proceed in 2021.

Lumary City-Bay, which is run by a volunteer Management Committee, has been working on delivering a Covid-safe City-Bay for many months now.

On review, the invitation by SA Health to the City-Bay on 8 October 2021 to revise and resubmit an updated COVID Management Plan for reassessment, was made with reference to guidelines which had already considered, including removing the post-run activities.

City-Bay’s volunteer Management Committee could not see any further changes it could make to running its event on November 7 that would change the reasons SA Health COVID Management Committee sighted for declining the 2021 City-Bay approval. These were:

  • High risk of transmission from increased exhalation during the event
  • Uncontrolled outbreaks in neighbouring eastern states
  • Significant impact on the State’s resources – testing capacity, contact tracing, hospital beds etc in case of an outbreak

Furthermore, even if approval was received within the week, the very tight timelines mean it would be impossible to reinstate some operational aspects of the event and successfully deliver the Lumary City-Bay in 2021.

The Lumary City-Bay Team, sponsors and charities remain extremely disappointed, but the decision has now fired all of us up for a bigger and stronger event in 2022. We hope it has fired you up as well and we look forward to your ongoing support in 2022.

We confirm entrants are offered a choice to carry-over their entry to the 2022 Lumary City-Bay (that option would be our preferred), donate to the City-Bay Trust or request a full refund.
We appreciate and thank the Community of South Australia for their continuing support.