In November 1973, Mr Bob Clarke, along with a volunteer committee established the first City-Bay Fun Run in Adelaide.

In November 1973, Mr Bob Clarke, along with a volunteer committee established the first City-Bay Fun Run in Adelaide. The News newspaper and Coca-Cola were the first major sponsors.

The event started at the Adelaide Town Hall with 1,600 enthusiastic runners who had all paid 50c each to enter the 11.5 kilometre run which finished at the Glenelg Town Hall, opposite Moseley Square. Funds raised for the event were donated to Athletics South Australia.

In later years, the event start was changed from the Town Hall to North Terrace but the sharp right-hand curve was not conducive to the safety of the runners and it was changed to where it currently starts – at the Festival Theatre in King William Street.

Over the years various aspects of the run changed. The finish was taken to Colley Reserve and then changed to Glenelg Football Oval where it remained for many years. Arthur Jones was appointed Race Director after the retirement of Bob Clarke. Mr Jones retired in 1991 shortly before the demise of the News newspaper.

Des Paul, as its volunteer Race Director, registered the event in 1992 and formalised the existing volunteer committee members to legally protect the future of the event. The focus for fund raising was changed to assist athletics in South Australia.
The event was registered in April 1992 as the City-Bay Fun Run and is owned by the City-Bay Fun Run Committee Inc.

The Advertiser was approached to become the City-Bay major naming right sponsor and have contributed substantially over the years to build their image and association to what has become one of the biggest and best fun runs in Australia.

In 1997 the event adopted the Champion Chip Timing system to enable the event to finish at Moseley Square, where it finishes today.

The event now has a national profile and attracts elite runners, international entrants and competitors from all over Australia. It also has its own website and computer intake system.

In 2002, an additional event was added to provide people with an alternative distance – the 6K Half City-Bay – more than 1300 people entered this event which starts at the Kurralta Plaza Shopping Centre.

2002 was also the 30th year and this was celebrated with a Memorabilia Expo at the Discovery Centre, town hall Glenelg and the cutting of a giant cake by the Minister for Recreation and Sport. 2002 was a record year with 13,200 participants pounding the route to Glenelg.

With the assistance of the Advertiser Newspapers Ltd Promotions Team, the Advertiser City-Bay Fun Run registration office was established in the old News building at 15 Waymouth Street. It was small but the enthusiastic team of people coped with 12,500 entrants in 10 days (4,000 in the last 3 days). Another office was established for 3 days leading up to the event at the St Andrews Church in Jetty Road Glenelg. Nearly 2,000 entries were taken.

Mutual Community Workshops were extended to 12 weeks which saw and average of 30 people taking up the opportunity to work with State coaches and ex Olympians to prepare themselves for the City-Bay event.

Bands were introduced along the route with 9 taking part on the day. This proved to be a hit with the participants.

PUBLIC STATEMENT: 14 October 2021

Lumary City-Bay Fun Run will not go ahead in 2021


It is with great disappointment that the Lumary City-Bay confirms it will not proceed in 2021.

Lumary City-Bay, which is run by a volunteer Management Committee, has been working on delivering a Covid-safe City-Bay for many months now.

On review, the invitation by SA Health to the City-Bay on 8 October 2021 to revise and resubmit an updated COVID Management Plan for reassessment, was made with reference to guidelines which had already considered, including removing the post-run activities.

City-Bay’s volunteer Management Committee could not see any further changes it could make to running its event on November 7 that would change the reasons SA Health COVID Management Committee sighted for declining the 2021 City-Bay approval. These were:

  • High risk of transmission from increased exhalation during the event
  • Uncontrolled outbreaks in neighbouring eastern states
  • Significant impact on the State’s resources – testing capacity, contact tracing, hospital beds etc in case of an outbreak

Furthermore, even if approval was received within the week, the very tight timelines mean it would be impossible to reinstate some operational aspects of the event and successfully deliver the Lumary City-Bay in 2021.

The Lumary City-Bay Team, sponsors and charities remain extremely disappointed, but the decision has now fired all of us up for a bigger and stronger event in 2022. We hope it has fired you up as well and we look forward to your ongoing support in 2022.

We confirm entrants are offered a choice to carry-over their entry to the 2022 Lumary City-Bay (that option would be our preferred), donate to the City-Bay Trust or request a full refund.
We appreciate and thank the Community of South Australia for their continuing support.