Kickstart your training for City-Bay 2021

Written by Cat Kelly & Sportsmed


Those braving cold winter mornings will notice the annual increase of runners pounding the pavement as they begin their preparation for Adelaide’s 2021 City-Bay.

Sportsmed is a proud partner of City-Bay and this year, to help runners and walkers of all abilities prepare, we’ve asked our team of experts to provide weekly tips and training advice to help you prevent injury and maximise your performance.

This week Georgina Kiel, sportsmed Exercise Physiologist and keen long distance road and trail runner, shares her tips on prepping for this year’s iconic fun run.

1. Appropriate footwear. Invest in a good pair of running shoes and make sure they’re comfortable! This is particularly important for those new to running, as your regular sneakers may not be suitable for walking/running longer distances.
2. Realistic goals. Consider your current health and fitness level and set a goal that is realistic for you. For seasoned runners looking to set performance based goals, consider your current health and fitness level and your recent training form to set an appropriate goal or target pace that suits you.
3. Coaching and/or training plan. With less than 2 months to go until race day it’s important to start (if you haven’t already) a training program to best prepare your body for your event. Whether you’re walking or running, fast or slow, it’s important to make sure your body is ready and best prepared to reduce your risk of injury! A running coach or appropriate allied health professional can help if you need some more guidance with training!
4. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the atmosphere the event brings and the experience of training towards and achieving your goals!
Georgie is available for exercise physiology consultations at our Stepney Healthcare Hub and Morphett Vale.

Please phone to get in touch or email physio@sportsmed.com.au

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PUBLIC STATEMENT: 14 October 2021

Lumary City-Bay Fun Run will not go ahead in 2021


It is with great disappointment that the Lumary City-Bay confirms it will not proceed in 2021.

Lumary City-Bay, which is run by a volunteer Management Committee, has been working on delivering a Covid-safe City-Bay for many months now.

On review, the invitation by SA Health to the City-Bay on 8 October 2021 to revise and resubmit an updated COVID Management Plan for reassessment, was made with reference to guidelines which had already considered, including removing the post-run activities.

City-Bay’s volunteer Management Committee could not see any further changes it could make to running its event on November 7 that would change the reasons SA Health COVID Management Committee sighted for declining the 2021 City-Bay approval. These were:

  • High risk of transmission from increased exhalation during the event
  • Uncontrolled outbreaks in neighbouring eastern states
  • Significant impact on the State’s resources – testing capacity, contact tracing, hospital beds etc in case of an outbreak

Furthermore, even if approval was received within the week, the very tight timelines mean it would be impossible to reinstate some operational aspects of the event and successfully deliver the Lumary City-Bay in 2021.

The Lumary City-Bay Team, sponsors and charities remain extremely disappointed, but the decision has now fired all of us up for a bigger and stronger event in 2022. We hope it has fired you up as well and we look forward to your ongoing support in 2022.

We confirm entrants are offered a choice to carry-over their entry to the 2022 Lumary City-Bay (that option would be our preferred), donate to the City-Bay Trust or request a full refund.
We appreciate and thank the Community of South Australia for their continuing support.